Artistic Jewellery

Hand made jewelry with rare minerals.

We offer brLabradorite Pendant Set in Sterling Silver Wire Wrapoad range of hand made jewelry with rare minerals such as amethysts, rose quartz, rubies, adventurins, labradorites, and many more. Our product line includes polished stones for rings, pedants, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and earrings. We also offer ready to wear jewelry warped in silver, gold and leather. We can make also custom jewelry for special orders.


Our manufacturing techniques include intrasia. Intrasia is a small puzzle made from many small pieces of gemstones Intarsia(1109)Native Copper,Silver framed Lepidolit set in sterling wire wrappedput together to make a beautiful and elaborate pattern.  With lively colors and brilliant designs Intarsia jewelry adds spice and excitement to jewelry collections. Gemstone intarsia is an ancient European art form from the XVI Century. It was first used as an art form to make decorative stone tile for churches and palaces.  The craftsmen who made it were highly skilled and royalty throughout Europe coveted their work. Intarsia today is being used by some of the top jewelry designers in the gem cutting world and put into custom designer jewelry settings by some top wire sculptors and jewelry designers.

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