Geological services

Our strong presence in Eastern Canadian Field (i.e. Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario) supports our professional geological services.

We offer wide range of geological services that include:

  • GeoTourism
  • GPS, Maping and Positioning services: Service for Garmin systems and Trak/Maps outfitting and installation
  • Mining sites remote supervising: Remote video surveillance systems for mining sites and facilities with online accessibility
  • Remote control systems in mining facilities: Remote control mining facilities through the Internet (lights, water pumps, air vents, etc…)
  • Stone and rock cutting: Services of on-site cutting stone blocks with diamond rope

In addition we also offer:

  • North American Geology boxes; comes in 8, 12 and 24 specimen sets with labels and online reference. (PART CODE Gk8,12 or 24)geoblok
  • Site geo-surveys utilizing GPS locating for mapping and exploration.
  • GeoTourism, Guided site tours from Nova Scotia, Labrador to Ontario.
  • Specific material source location, Site claiming, Leasing and acquistion.
  • Chemical analysis (spectroscopy), assay and refinement methods, LASER Optical, EPS and XPS.
  • Optical Characterization, Precision Determination of Index of Refraction (IoR), and other special effects i.e. schiller, double refraction, flouresence, asterism,
  • Custom lapidary services, Cabochons, Slicing, thin section preparation.
  • Mining, field electronics, custom field power systems, and lapidary equipment specifying and sale.
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