Bay of Fundy Basalt bubble Agate Set in faux Gold Bell cap setting


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This is a tumble polished piece of Agate which are in a bubble in a basalt flow know as the Blomidon cliffs on the Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia which is set in faux gold Bell capped setting.  It measures 1.25″ by 05″ by 0.5″ and weighs only a couple of ounces, so shipping should be $10.00 for most locals within North America.  Now for the fun part!, if you already have an order over $40.00 we can just add it for $5.00 no shipping cost at all & now here is the really fun part if your order is $100.00 or greater we can just through it in (only one per order please) for FREE!! as our way of saying thanks for buying from us!