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With over thirty years in bring concepts to reality, involving such things as electronics, optics, radios, LASER, and much Much More.  Our area’s of expertise involve, a mix of, electronics, mechanical, optics, material science and chemistry and applied LASER technology to successfully see an idea through from concept, to mathematical model, PC simulation, CAD then reality with increasing support from 3D printing technology too.  One of our designs one the 2011 Shell Innovation Award on the Popular Dragons Den TV show (hence the picture).  Devices designed range from house hold appliance controllers, power saving technology, LASER guided Drilling,
LASER Ore sensors,  Holographic LCD, Light controlled material for fiber switching, Video color Keyer for writing on a TV screen durring foot ball games,  ADSL to FIBER MODEM, Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) LASER Controller, peltier cooling systems,
Field Power Systems.