A Banded ore Vein w/Sphalerite, Chalco-Pyrite, Galena and a small geode lined w/Calcite, Apophyllite & more


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This is a section of a “Rogue Vein” (an isolated inexplicable metal occurrence) that consists of galena, and some metal bearing pyrites collected from our Western Quebec site. This one sports a small vog or geode pocket lined in a variety of materials, calcite, a zeolite called Apophyllite and possibly some cerusite. It displays a section of poly-sulphide or, chaclo-pyrite (copper), sphalerite (zinc) (minor), and galena (lead) (Major). A good example of a low temperature metal vein. It measure 4.5″ by 2.25″ by 2.25″ and weighs in at almost fifteen ounces, so the shipping should be $15.00 for most local within North America, for more info check out shop.crystalray.ca.



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