Geological Land Survey & Computer Aided Mapping Services



This is an hourly rate for performing the services of….

We can provide hourly services for many geologically related services, from simply land claim inspection, historical mines check.  To directed exploration, initial provincial land claim filing.
site development.  Experienced in nonexplosive methods of material extraction called diamond rope.  This is an all electric mining method with a very small environmental foot print that still allows for large scale stone block production (summer only), then subsequent slabbing (usually during the winter) and finial polishing and dicing to size for such use as floor and wall tiles, counter tops and house exterior finishing.   It is also applicable to under ground gallery production with little surrounding rock impact at all i.e. nuclear waste storage.  We are currently seeking investors involving the development of some of the work of that this division has made possible.
Logistics are hourly wages for number of individuals necessary, travel expenses to get on & off site, accommodations (motel or campers) and provisions for over night jobs.  We also do hourly day trips from our regional office locals (100mile radius) arrangements can be made, so why not give us a call 613/899-9994,we also provide field guide services and outfitting for expeditionary support.  The regions that we serve are primarily Canadian, the Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Labrador, New found Land, Quebec, Ontario and eastern Manatoba.