A Slaby Geo Duo Beautifully Banded Iron & actual Gold bearing Fuschite


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This Geo Duo consists of two very different samples the first a beautifully and popular banded Iron that displays a quartz healed fracture line in it, from the Temagami Region of Ontario.  The second a classic example of greenstone gold formation, that consists of a chromium colored green greywacke called fuschite with some minor eye visible flakes of native (real) gold.  Now remember if you are going to try to polish this that the gold is exceptionally soft so if you don’t want to ruin it don’t cut it on a machine (wheel) but rather try to due most of the polishing by hand.
They measure (BndFe(13oz)) is 4″ by 1.75″ by 0.5″ the second (Fusch) 3″ by 2″ by 0.5″ and have a combined weight of twelve ounces, so the shipping should be $15.00 for most locals within North America.


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Weight 4.00 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 3 in