PC Business Automation solutions, Instruction, design, sales and installation Services



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With over thirty years involvement in micro-processor based small business computers, we can provide customized personal computer solutions and instruction for the starter from the simple to the complex.     We can procure, load operating system and applications as are needed for your individual needs.  We offer services in three major operating System (OS) Windows, Apple and Linux Open SUSE.  Applications included general business operations, word processing, spread sheets, time management, accounting and customer, transaction, inventory control databases. We can also develop custom databases and software too with development software like JAVA, C. and app development for Andriod at an hourly or contracted rate.

We also provide Technical Writing and Medical transcription service at very competitive rates per page in a few languages (ask us which ones! 613/899-9994).  You can submit your work electronically as a MP3 file and we can either print it out to your letter head and even do mailings.