Asterated rose quartz Polished on one side and a nice piece of rough too! (Rufino)


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This is for a two pieces of a Asterated Gem Rose from a site here in Eastern Ontario.
The Asterism means to make a star, due to internal inclusions within the crystal itself.
It can be viewed in jewelry by cutting the stone into a dome, while doing so with a specific orientation to the material.  this is figured out easiest by using a LASER pointer and wetting the stone with water, then shine the pointer through it in a darkened room letting the beam project onto a light colored wall while rotating the stone till a star is project upon the wall.  The polished on one side piece should already be close to this alignment.
One in its natural state the other polished to properly display its beauty as a lapidary material!
They measure 1.25″” by 1″ by 0.75″ for the polished one and 3.5″ by 3″ by 1.875″ with a combined weight of a pound & an ounces, so shipping should be $15.00!! for most locals within North America.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in