Asterated Gem Rose Quartz (BULK)


200 in stock (can be backordered)


This is for a gem grade asterated  rose quartz. This is our finest grade, best color and LASER tested for the presence of the asterism inclusion.  which when properly orientated prior to cutting as a relatively high domed cabochon will demonstrate a six rayed star under bright sun light or an interior single point light source (not fluorescent).

As is the case with all of our “BULK” listing the item displayed is NOT the EXACT Item but rather provided as guide of the general quality of this very consistent material, so please to be sure to select just how many pounds of this that you would like when ordering.

Please note that a minimum order of one pound at $12.50 per pound, so shipping for one pound should be $19.50 for most locals within North America.  Also note that we prefer that you allow us to invoice you prior to you paying for any purchase so that we can get you the best shipping rate.


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Weight 1 lbs