Instructional in Services Elementary, High School, College or Adult continuing Education



This is an hourly rate for performing the services of….

We have a large bull pen of trained instructors many with degrees and over twenty years of expereince in their field, that are available to either instruct at one of our local institutions or visit a school in your neighborhood on an hourly basis many times with additional teaching aids props and demonstrations.  Class plans can be developed upon request at the same rate.

The subjects available include currently;
Intro to PC hardware & Software,  Intro to Geology, Chemistry,  Intro to Electronics,
First Year (Res, Caps, Inds, Bats, DC, AC analog) Electronics, Second Year (digital logic intro to PC) Electronics, Third year RF, micro waves & optics, Photonics & LASERs, Programming, Electronic CAD, Mechanical CAD, Math CAD, Optical CAD, ATE Lab Veiws, Geo Field Surveying.

Pre-made courses that are immediately available are;                                                                                                               1) Intro to PC hardware – Explains the primary aspects of computer hardware to help create an informed buyer.                                            2) Intro to PC Software & Apps – similar to precceding just for software.   3) What’s the Matter – introduces the elements and geology                   4) What that I’m seeing – Intro to light and LASERs with minor safety.    5) LASER & General lab Safety course – for actual adult OSHA saftey training.